Excel with Allison

Power BI Reports

Examples of what you can achieve with Power BI.

Microsoft 365 Survey

Sample report highlighting May 2020 Power BI Desktop updates and survey results to Microsoft 365 questionnaire.

Sales Report - Essentials

Using the AdventureWorks dataset, this is the type of report we create in Power BI Essential Skills.

March Madness

Historical statistics on NCAA March Madness college basketball tournament. 

Olympics: Tokyo 2020

This is another Power BI Essentials skills report you will be able to create after just one class. In honour of Tokyo 2020 Olympics I've added a bit more info to it to track the live updates.

Charticulator Custom Visual

Visualize anything you can dream up using the Charticulator custom visual in Power BI. Here we've created a visual that depicts the change in volume of lungs as you dive.

Freediving Deeper

This is an example of how you can use Power BI to teach a  lesson involving mathematics. The Power BI report allows you to input some numbers and see how the result changes. It also teaches you a lesson on freediving at the same time!


Detailed stats on COVID-19 in NZ with worldwide stats by country.

Sample Datasets

Datasets used in Excel with Allison labs, blogs, courses and demos. 

They are recreated here as a stable source to practice BI Reporting with a stable, reliable dataset using real world examples.

2018 NZ Census by DHB, Gender, Ethnicity, Age

Olympic Medals by Country

All-Time Olympic Games Medals Won by Country

World Population

World Population by Country