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P3 Adaptive: Raw Data Podcast

The Freediving, Meditating Data Translator, w/ Allison Kennedy

I had a great time chatting with Rob Collie and Thomas LaRock from P3 Adaptive on the Raw Data Podcast. We obviously talked about Microsoft Excel and Power BI, but also teaching, meditating and freediving.

ACE Training: Webinars

FREE Webinar; next webinar TBC; New Zealand Time Zone

These webinars are hosted by ACE Training in New Zealand. Use the Contact Me form to let me know what topics you'd like to see covered in the next webinar.

In the meantime, catch up on past webinars:

50th One Stop Update for the Accountant in Business

PAID; Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch

One Stop Power BI Update

Christchurch, NZ; 16-17 May, 2022

Wellington, NZ; 23-24 May, 2022

Auckland, NZ; 25-26 May, 2022

In this OneStop favourite session learn the latest tips and tricks from the Microsoft Power BI & Excel experts.

  • Sharing tips on effective modelling – insights on how accountants can create real-time short-term projections

  • Integrating PowerBI with other Microsoft tools

  • Protecting your data on PowerBI whilst allowing collaboration – how can this be achieved?

Difinity Conference

PAID; November 28-29, 2022; Auckland, New Zealand

Accessible Power BI: Visualization Tips and Tricks

Design for accessibility: In this session we'll talk about the importance of accessibility and share tips and tools to make your Power BI reports accessible and user friendly.

We'll cover a range of topics, including:

  • Power BI themes - colours, font sizes and external resources to help you learn best practices

  • Mobile friendly reports - design for the device as well as the person using Power BI mobile view and app

  • Visualization formatting techniques - good practice tips and hidden secrets of visualization formatting that will make your reports easier to read

  • Dynamic titles - let users know what they're looking at with simple DAX and conditional formatting