I have a fascination with languages. The more of them I learn, the more I realise how they are interconnected. I often dream of a world in which everyone can understand every language, just so that we could all appreciate the different nuances of each.


CEFR Level C2 (Master/Proficient)

Just like the translator gadgets of today, I can translate anything you want into Spanish, maybe even with a bit more finesse in some cases.

I enjoy watching Spanish television and movies, and reading books in Spanish. If you have any recommendations for a good read, please Contact Me using the link on the left, I'm always looking for a new book.


CEFR Level A2 (Elementary)

After a couple years of university study and some time spent working in Germany, I have learned enough of the German language to have a friendly conversation with someone. I have recently begun refreshing my knowledge with Duolingo.

Chinese Mandarin

CEFR Level A1-2 (Beginner-Elementary)

My years of university study in written and oral Mandarin (both simplified and traditional) have proven useful for introducing myself, surviving as a tourist, and conversing on a very basic level with young children (around 2-3 years old).


CEFR Level A1 (Beginner)

I am self training in this language as I have a personal interest for learning this language. In between my self study of Polish, I sometimes practice with my in-laws.



I don't know if the CEFR levels apply to computer and programming languages, but my knack for languages extends into the world of tech too, where I use a variety of languages such as DAX, M, TSQL, Excel, on a daily basis. I am always learning more and dabble in languages such as C#, R, Python, HTML and a few others. I am open to any recommendations on what you think is the next must know language for working in the 'modern workplace' and being digitally literate.