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My name is Allison Kennedy and I am a Microsoft Certified Trainer.

You'll walk away from my courses with timesaving techniques, best practice tips and of course technical how to guidance. All classes are tailored to fit each student's needs to ensure you excel with whatever your immediate requirements may be. 

Courses are:

Microsoft Training Courses

Below are a few of the more popular instructor-led courses I have written. Click on a Course Title below to view more details about the courses I have written. 

If you don't see exactly what you're looking for in the descriptions below, custom training sessions are also available. Contact me to learn more and to check availability for instructor-led remote training sessions. 

Power BI Essential Skills

1 day

How Big data can help your business. Self-service business intelligence. Data visualization for easy snapshots. Real-time analytics.

So much data and so many buzz words, but what does it all mean? As data gets easier to come by, we find ourselves with more data than we know what to do with and need to analyse it quickly and effectively. We don’t have time to wait for the data scientists to come back with a robust report, we need answers now.

This workshop will introduce you to Microsoft’s Power BI tool for analyzing and visualizing data, bringing business intelligence capabilities into your hands. In this hands on workshop, you will explore the capabilities of Power BI and discover how it can help your company get real insights and valuable information from your data.

Power BI Next Level

1 day

Do you love the dynamic reporting capabilities of Power BI? Have you created a few Power BI reports, but unsure of how to take your reporting to the next level? This course will highlight some of the intermediate to advanced features of Power BI, as well as provide you with some pro tips that will save you time and frustration when building Power BI reports.

Microsoft 365 Overview

1/2 day

Who knew Microsoft had so many handy applications! You’ll walk away from this course with a high level understanding of what Microsoft 365 has to offer. The next step is deciding which applications will be most useful to you.

Microsoft Forms

We’ll start with a quick and easy survey to introduce you to the Microsoft 365 suite of applications and get to know a bit more about you.


Using Microsoft’s online presentation tool, we’ll quickly cover off some important things to know about Microsoft 365, the course outline, and the all too important question of when will I get a break?

Power Apps

That Microsoft Forms was great for quick surveys, but if you want something with a bit more pizazz then try Power Apps. We’ll take this opportunity to have you order your preferred beverage (to be prepared by you during the tea break).


From our online presentation, we can link seamlessly to other web content, including videos that we can post on Microsoft Stream. We’ll watch a quick video about Microsoft’s secure messaging app which uses your mobile phone number to identify you.


How was that video created? We’ll jump into Stream and see where your videos are stored, how they’re organised how people can interact with them.


One of the most common uses for Microsoft Stream is for storing recordings of Teams meetings. Really handy way to review something that you zoned out for or to include employees who couldn’t make it. Teams is truly the hub of Microsoft 365 and brings all the applications together, so when we’re done with meetings, we will look at how we can integrate other apps into Teams.


Meetings can be scheduled from Teams or Outlook, but both end up in the same place – your Office 365 calendar. We’ll setup a meeting and check out the new functionality we have for scheduling meetings within Microsoft Teams (Meeting Options, Meet in Channel).


Teams has a built in meeting notes feature using the Teams Wiki, but OneNote is still a great way to take personal and Team notes. We’ll have a go!

Power Automate / Flow

Ready for that beverage you ordered earlier? Power Automate can help cut down on manual paperwork and automate regular processes or approvals you do daily, giving you more time to focus on the important stuff, or the time to take a much needed break. We’ll have a look at the Power Automate web page where your instructor will (hopefully) approve your request for a much deserved tea break.

SharePoint – Lists

What’s the most popular beverage order? Where do people order from? Who sells the most orders? All this information is easy to access just by using SharePoint lists and views.

Excel or Power BI

Remember that survey you filled in at the start? Well we’ve already got the results. We can view them at a glance in Forms, get line by line detail in Excel, or develop a Dashboard in Power BI or Excel that updates automatically as new results flow through.

SharePoint - Files

Ok, so where is that Excel file saved? What happens if I want to make changes? SharePoint is the back-end system Microsoft use to store shared files in Teams. We’ll have a go at creating and editing some files and see how multiple people can work on the same file at once.


OneDrive stores your private documents, or things you only want to share with 1 or 2 people. We’ll jump into the Teams chat and see how we can work with 1 person privately.


Is your brain swimming with all this new information? Delegate some tasks to your colleagues or just write things down so you can action them later. Microsoft have integrated their Outlook Tasks with a few apps to help make it easier for you to manage small projects or even your own workload.


Looking for more? Delve shows you what you’ve missed and what other people in your organisation have been working on.

Microsoft Teams Best Practice

1/2 day

Microsoft Teams promotes team work. It is a completely customisable workspace to focus your attention where it needs to be and increase collaboration. Learn how to use Microsoft Teams effectively, no matter how it has been customised for your business. Chat, share files and information, have meetings and get the important updates and notifications that you need to collaborate and increase productivity

Microsoft Planner

1/2 day

By the end of the course you will know your way around the Planner interface. Stop wasting your time looking for that project file or finding an available team member to complete a request, Planner makes it easy to organise everything in one place! In this interactive session, you will:

I am a Microsoft Certified Trainer since 2017. I offer private and small group remote training sessions for end users at all levels in the following subjects: